Saturday, 15 August 2015

One of My Part Daily: Clean and Clear Oil Control Film

Hello There..

Clean and Clear Oil Control Film

I have normal skin type, but it doesn't mean that 'oil' will not show up on my face. 
 Of course if the oil appears, then there are several ways that I do to 'repel' the oil.

1. Tissue
Well, i'm not recommend to using tissue when the face is oily.  It's okay to use it but you will remove your makeup if you don't wipe it gently, just wipe it slowly into the oily parts to avoid your makeup erased.
 I just using a tissue when my face was really sweaty or wet :)

2. Powder
When recessive I use this alternative to remove oil from my face. Indeed it's very quickly cover the oil from my face, but believe me my face doesn't look natural again after it . Yeah it's looks like you reheat a food that has been cold. 
I use this method only in emergencies situation :)

3. Oil Control Film
Yayy, hello bestie. I always using this to remove the oil from my face and i always feel oil-free and shine-free after using this:)

Yes, And I more often use a third way. And i think this is amazing product and never fail me :) I just bought this Clean & Clear Oil Control Film a few days ago, so i think i want share this lovely product. Let's Go...

still in packing

after opening the packing


Let's open it

I see you :)

The paper is Blue

The paper / film isn't scratchy. It has a silky feel actually
The adhesive still new
The adhesive is my favorite if I just bought it.


This adhesive makes it easier to pull the paper out

Pulled out
Actually you can pulled out the paper without use the adhesive. Because sometimes the adhesive would be the worst thing for me when the packaging "grow old". Will no more stickiness anymore and make it look so dirty :(

and well yeah this is the result if i rubbed in the 'T' zone or oily parts from my face.

Oil on my face disappear, but the things i love is my face looks more radiant and not shiny or like wearing powder. it's amazing
I love this and and I never leave my house without this. It's a must have in every girl's makeup kit, especially to who have an oily skin. This product not expensive and do a great job in getting rid of excess oil and giving a matte look without adding a layer of powder on the face.


Have you tried this product before? Do you like it? Just Leave it in the comments :)

Thanks for reading! See ya on My next post..