Thursday, 6 August 2015

Surprise, Surprise...

Hello There...

On The 1st of August this year, Hello New Age! 
and Happy Birthday to me. In first i think will nothing special this year like usually. Even My dad forgot my birthday. And I have a lot of work in the same day. I realized I've grown up and i don't expect anything with My 'days'. It's okay but i was surprised! and i can't belive , i still have My baby face loll..>.<

But the best moment for me is all My best friends still remember about 'my days'. I love you all(Don't worry, My dad remember that after the next day I Love you too dad)
So, That's day when i arrived at my church. I meet my church friend in the backyard. She told me for wait her in the conference room of the church. And as she want, But when i entered the room I couldn’t believe my eyes! all my friends at my church were there! It was amazing…The food was delicious, My birthday cake is baked brownies with dark chocolate. I'm so happy  ♥

I received lots of loves and hugs, that's so amazing. I never have suprised like this before. Everybody had a great time and so this year my birthday was celebrated for the first time in many years. And the next day's, i had another suprised too. I received My second Birthday cake, and that's from My dad. it's late but i'm still happyand then My bestie give me so uniq presents, i really Love's that :)
This years so amazing and different, thank you so much for all the Love


Thanks for reading! See ya on My next post..