Friday, 7 December 2018

Relaxing Abstract Painting for Art Journal Sketch Note

Hello There...

Hi Friends, 
This is My Art Journal

As someone who tends toward the more anxious, driven, perfectionistic side of the spectrum, I know how effective art is for stress relief. Art making invites me to get out of my own head, let go of control, and watch emerge on the the lines, shapes, and colors emerge on the page.

Art Journal -Sketch Note
With all the talk about how art heals, I think what a lot of people with limited art experience don’t understand is that you don’t need special skills or much “talent” to benefit from art making and art play. The power of art is that it lets you get lost in the creative realm, lose track of time, and let go. Anyone, even “non-artists” can sit down, explore mixing paint on a page, and potentially get stress relief.

I find that when I open myself some of my best work emerges. Art has so many metaphors for your life if you are just willing to listen. Mine speaks to me about mystery, letting go, and finding beauty. What are the metaphors that appear in your art?

This is what I want to teach you: how to use art as a tool – a way to let go of life’s stressors and immerse yourself in painty, playful fun. You can let go by exploring the colors, shapes, and wild creatures that appear in your art.

You’ll learn to:
  • Tune into the pleasure of playing with art mindfully.
  • Learn how embracing “mistakes” in your art can lead to more expressive, creative work.
  • Create a playful, “judgment-free zone” where you can make art freely – no one has to see but you!
  • Make art without traditional art materials or techniques.
  • Play with the metaphors that arise in your art.
  • Develop forms, patterns, and mysterious beings that you never saw before in your art.
art journal
art journal
art journal
art journal
art journal

I am pretty happy with how it turned out !! 

Well have a great day friends and happy Arting !

Thanks for reading! See ya on My next post..